A Roller System is an integral part of any pool-covering plan because of how easily it enables the user to cover or uncover their pool and the condition it will keep your pool cover in.

  • Designed with style and functionality in mind our rollers sacrifice neither in the process so they work great and look better
  • They look so good that they can either be left at the side of your pool for easy access or wheeled away with ease when not in use
  • If you prefer an uncluttered pool area, they are also designed to be installed in a hide away system with no modification required.
  • Built from durable, lightweight aluminium our rollers are ready to use the day they are shipped.
  • All roller parts are made from durable UV stabilized components
  • The frame is a superior white powder coated aluminium and solid construction
  • They include a hideaway crank handle design
  • Like the covers themselves, the rollers are simple to install and are easily adjustable to fit any pool width they accompany.
  • They are the ultimate DIY project with no drilling required for installation or attachment to the cover.
  • No drop pin required unlike with other suppliers roller systems
  • 10 Years Pro Rata warranty

Ultimately, a Roller System will save you money in the long run by extending the life of your pool cover exponentially. A roller keeps a retracted pool cover in a neat and orderly fashion devoid of creases, stagnant moisture, and excess wear and tear. If your cover lacks a roller to hold it when it is off the pool you risk it creasing, ripping, and other unintentional abuse around your pool.