Our covers are designed for easy DIY installation or have it installed by our professional team.

How to install your solar pool cover

  1. Be careful when using any sharp tools and not to damage the cover when unpacking
  2. Unfold the cover and lay the pool cover WITH AIR BUBBLES SIDE ON THE WATER
  3. Make sure the cover sits flat on top of your pool water and that the surface of the water is completely covered including any recessed areas such as steps.
  4. Before you start cutting the cover to shape you may want to mark with chalk or whiteboard marker the outline of your pool on the smooth side of the cover.
  5. Use a pair of very sharp scissors to cut the cover to shape. We suggest leaving at least 4cm – 6cm extras on each side which will rise up on the pool side (not a requirement). This can be trimmed later on if required. Having the side of the cover rising up will stop any debris such as leafs to enter the water. This can be washed off with a hose.
  6. The cover does not require attaching points or fixing to the pool, it is designed to sit on the water.


  • Use another person to help and holding the cover in place
  • Always double check your measurements before you cut/trim the cover
  • For pools without bullnose edge and for pools with a wet edge (overflow) you may want to trim cover back to the waterline.
  • Use chalk to draw markings on the cover

REMEMBER: With bubbles side facing the water!