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Are Aussie Pool Cover & Rollers an Australian company?
Yes, our head office and our main fabrication plant is located in Landsdale, Western Australia. Aussie Pool Covers is Australian owned, based and operated.

What about the pool covers, are they fabricated in Australia?
Each pool cover is made in our Australian Factory. The GeoBubble material we use to fabricate our pool covers is the global leader of solar bubble film for swimming pool covers. It is one of strongest and most durable solar pool material in the world.

How long have our Covers been around?
The GeoBubble pool cover material we use to produce our pool covers was invented 20 years ago. Since then our covers have had many imitators who have tried to replicate the unique and innovative technology. The GeoBubble pool cover range is being sold around the world and is regarded as one of the best performing pool covers.

How do you keep your prices competative?
At Aussie Pool Covers you buy direct from the pool cover manufacturer at warehouse direct prices which is the foundation of our business concept.

What if I need to speak to someone?
No problem at all, feel free to email us direct on hello@aussiepoolcovers.com.au or phone us on 1300 330 999 and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I measure my pool to be able to get an accurate quote or to order?
To get an instant quote or to order the correct sized pool cover we simply require your pool’s length and width to work out your pools’ total square metres. If your pool is not rectangular then simply form the smallest rectangle possible around your pool, we will use those dimensions to custom make you an appropriately sized cover. We will deliver the cover in a rectangular shape with additional overhang to the dimensions you provided. For the best fit your pool cover will require trimming to the exact shape of your pool.

For more guidance see our detailed diagram and instructions on the How to Measure Your Pool Page.

If you are still not sure if you have measured correctly due to an unusual shape, then feel free to email us 2-3 photos and we will be in contact to confirm your final measurements with you.

For more guidance see our detailed diagram and instructions on the How to Measure Your Pool Page.

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There are many kinds of pool covers. What kind does Aussie Pool Covers supply?
Our primary products are solar blankets and the accompanying roller systems, which make the application of the blanket easy and manageable for every use.

How does a solar blanket save me money?
Simultaneously a solar cover will nearly eliminate evaporation, reduce your energy and chemical consumption, and act as a barrier against leaves and debris. These benefits will save you both money and time for years to come.

Are Aussie Pool Cover’s an accredited water saving product?
Our solar blanket has been accredited with the Smart Approved WaterMark. Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water saving labelling program for products and services that are helping reduce water use around the home. By choosing products with the distinctive Smart Approved WaterMark label you can be confident you are doing your bit to reduce water use around your pool.

How do Aussie’s solar pool covers heat my pool?
The GeoBubble™ Pool Covers are designed to allow short wavelength solar energy to pass easily through its surface. This heat, which radiates at longer wavelengths, is then maintained under the surface due to the distinctive design of the blanket. This means warmer water for longer. The more sunlight the pool gets the faster the pool will heat. On average, with full sun, you can expect approximately an increase in temperature of one degree Celsius per day. So, in about 6-9 days your overall pool temperature will have increased by approximately 8 degrees Celsius. For more technical information see the GeoBubble™ Air Cell Design page.

What are microns and why do they matter?
Microns are just a unit of measurement that is equal to one-millionth of a metre. In reference to pool covers this is a measurement of the thickness of the bonded material layers between the bubbles and is NOT referring to the size of the bubble. Our pool covers range from 500-600 microns, with the 600 microns being one of the best performing pool covers in Australia.

What is the actual bubble and what are the performance benefits?
The GeoBubble™ Air Cell provides excellent heating and thermal properties, superior buoyancy and excellent adhesion during strong winds. It also rolls up evenly on our roller systems.

A solar blanket is only as strong as their weakest points so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all blankets are equal. The shape of the bubble is crucial, alternative pool cover bubble shapes claiming to outperform the original are often untested. Bubble shapes that are not round tend to not roll up as easily and when folded the bubble creases leaving weak points in the overall pool cover’s design.

GeoBubble™ material is widely regarded as the best solar cover material available on the market. The unique technology means that you will have a bubble that is stronger, lasts longer and can withstand the tough Australian environment created by sun, salt and chlorine. It offers exceptional performance on any pool world-wide.

Why does GeoBubble™ material perform better than other solar material in heating and water retention?
Extensive analysis and market testing has been completed on solar bubble products from all over the world. In every instance the GeoBubble™ solar  film has had the highest tear strength, highest puncture test and best buoyancy compared to other products.

What does this all mean? In summary:

  • GeoBubble™ is one of the strongest solar material on the market meaning that the product will protect a swimming pool for much longer than competitor products
  • The design of the bubble means that GeoBubble™ has one of the best buoyancy and therefore is more resistant to being submerged during a heavy downpour
  • GeoBubble™ material has the best UV package and is significantly stronger than its competitors after being exposed to the equivalent of 4 years UV intensity
  • The shape of the bubbles also mean better insulation than other bubble blankets so swimming pools using GeoBubble™ solar pool material stay warmer overnight
  • The shape of the bubble provides a much broader base for better wind resistance and automatic cleaner operation
  • The extrusion technology developed for this material enables the GeoBubble™  pool cover range to offer a perfectly formed bubble with no weak spots in the corners.

How long will a GeoBubble™ pool cover from Aussie Pool Covers last?
Due to the harsh environment any pool cover is exposed to, solar bubble covers have a limited life. They will generally only last around 50 – 120% of their lifespan this is largely dependent on the correct care of the cover.
Pool Cover Lifespan (Guide only):
500 micron 6-8 years
600 micron 8-10 years

A swimming pool with a high volume of chlorine or unbalanced water will speed up the process of degradation and consequently reduce the lifespan of a bubble cover and. Elevated levels of chlorine can increase the deterioration process of the cover material and will reduce the life time of your cover, it can also void your warranty. With UV radiation and pool chemicals constantly attacking the pool cover, it is subjected to a very harsh environment. Heat and direct sunlight will also play its part in accelerating the effects of the chlorine and UV radiation.

To get the most out of your new pool cover and to not void your pool cover warranty we highly recommend you follow the Important Pool Cover Care Instructions provided with your new cover. You can also download the instructions here.

Are the pool covers suitable for salt water pools?
Yes, our GeoBubble™ solar blankets are suitable for all types of pool water and they are 100% salt safe.

What is a White Over Cover and do I need it?
Sunburn, heat burn and/or roller burn is one of the most common causes of damage to a solar blanket. This is due to your solar pool cover continuing to attract and retain heat when it is left sitting on the roller uncovered.

You must use a White Over Cover to protect your GeoBubble™ solar blanket when it is rolled up on the roller to stop the heat damaging the cover material. Please note that failure to use a White Over Cover over a rolled up solar pool blanket can void the pool cover warranty. If there is no White Over Cover, it is highly recommended you keep your pool blanket covered and stored in a shady location.

What is the best way to care for my new pool cover?
By following a few simple rules of pool cover care, you can ensure that your solar pool cover has a longer service life. Please follow our Important Care Instructions that are supplied with delivery of your new pool blanket. Alternatively, you can access the instructions from our Pool Cover Care web page or Download page.

What kind of warranty do I receive?
The length of the warranty period depends on the micron thickness you purchase. To ensure your warranty does not become void, it is essential that our recommended Pool Cover Care Instructions are adhered to. We provide two warranties these are:

  • Replacement Warranty we offer a full replacement warranty for a period of 12 months on all products.
  • Pro-Rata Warranty we also offer a pro-rata warranty which entitles customers to purchase replacement products at a discounted price. Below are our pool cover range and their pro-rata warranty periods:
    500 micron | 8 years
    600 micron | 10 years

The care of the material once it is on a pool will ultimately determine its life. For more comprehensive warranty details please refer to our Warranty page.

The benefits provided in these warranties are in addition to other rights and remedies of a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law, and any other laws in relation to the products to which these warranties relate.

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Why would I need a roller system?
Your solar blanket is going to be your pool’s best friend and a roller system will extend its life immeasurably. Without the roller your solar blanket will experience significantly more wear and tear. Not to mention the roller system makes removing and installing the cover much easier and can be operated by one person with ease.

At which end of the pool should we place the roller?
Ideally the best position for the roller is at the widest end of the pool. This will allow for the cover to roll up nice and even. You do have the option of placing the roller at the end of the pool which is shorter in width, but requires you to fold the cover inwards. We recommend keeping rollers away from pool entry points and walk ways.

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Can I install the blankets and rollers myself or will I have to hire someone to do it for me?
Great question and the answer, quite simply, is both! While our roller systems are designed for Do-It-Yourself installation we understand that not everyone wants to Do-It-Themselves. Therefore, if you live within an Australian metropolitan area, for a small fee, we can also Do-It-For You. Just select the installation box when completing the Instant Quote or Online Order and we can be your pool cover installation specialists.

What should I expect after placing my order?
In  10-15 business days within Australian metropolitan areas and 5-7 extra business days in regional areas, you will have your pool cover fabricated and delivered to your nominated address.

Included with your pool cover order are comprehensive step by step instructions to assist with your Do-It-Yourself installation. You will only require sharp scissors and a marker or chalk to mark out your cutting line.

Your roller, accessories and White Over Cover, if you ordered these, will also arrive at the same time.

If you chose to have the pool cover system installed by our team, we will be in touch with a convenient date and time and we will do the rest.

When installing the pool cover do the bubbles face down or up?
It is imperative for the technology to work as it was designed that the bubbles always face down on the water.

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