The EnergyGuard™  is Australia’s first and only award-winning dual-purpose pool cover created to maximise pool temperature and inhibit algae growth.

Increasing pool temperatures and inhibiting algae growth are now possible with our innovative selective light filtering material. 

Offering optimised solar gains and algae inhibition, this patented and world first EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission (ST) material now effectively delivers the best possible balance between solar gains, chemical reductions and filtration reductions, making it the most innovative solar cover to date and reflecting today’s need to align swimming pools to sustainable habits in the home.

What is an EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission cover?

EnergyGuard™ ST pool cover material absorbs the wavelengths that promote algae growth. This absorption heats the cover and thus the pool via conduction. The material also allows the transmission of longer wavelengths directly into the water, heating the pool. Ultimately, the light normally used by algae for growth is instead used to heat the pool, and the algae dies off. The pool is also heated by the longer wavelengths which are free to pass through the cover and into the water. Through this selective transmission process algae growth is inhibited and solar heat gain is promoted.

How does this translate into financial savings?

An EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission cover saves money by reducing water, heating, electricity and chemical consumption. The cover has a payback period of approximately one year or less.

EnergyGuard™ specific benefits:

  • Award-winning material
  • Warmer water and improved heat retention
  • Dual-purpose solar & winter cover
  • Can increase the water temperature by up to 8 -10°C
  • Inhibits algae growth
  • Reduce filtration/pump time by up to 50%
  • Reduce chemical consumption by up to 60%
  • Reduce energy consumption by over 60%
  • Reduces time spent on maintenance

General cover benefits:

  • Made with GeoBubble™ technology
  • Eliminates water evaporation by 98%+
  • Reduces debris contamination
  • Save money
  • Reduces the pool’s carbon footprint
  • Performance: Solar heating & inhibits algae growth  (Selective Transmission)
  • Colour: Midnight Blue
  • Material: Extra UV protection & is 100% salt water safe
  • Microns Range: 500µm | 600µm
  • Warranty: 8 years pro rata | 10 years pro rata
  • Air Cell: GeoBubble™ Technology for better buoyancy and insulation
  • Fabrication: Fewer welding joints for increased cover strength