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EnergyGuard Pool Cover


EnergyGuard™ is Australia’s first and only award-winning dual-purpose pool cover created to maximise pool temperature and inhibit algae growth. Reduce chemical usage by up to 60%.


SolarBlue+ is a premium, reliable and durable solar pool cover that increases pool temperatures, saves water and prevents debris – the ultimate all-rounder!

SolarBlue+ Pool Cover
Sol+Guard Pool Cover


Sol+Guard™ is the best solar heating bubble pool cover available, increasing pool temperatures by up to 12°C.

Sol+Guard™ Weave

This New specialist high-performance material with the Extra layer of a Tuff Mesh is the strongest solar heating pool cover available for residential and commercial pools,  increasing pool temperatures by up to 12°C.

CoolGuard Ultra™

CoolGuard Ultra™ is a refreshing solution to temperature management with this non-heating pool cover.

We are here to help you and the environment

Our high-performance Cover materials are scientifically designed to yield maximum savings in respect of heating or cooling and chemical consumption. They will save you money and time!

Quality Guaranteed – Enjoy years of benefits & peace of mind.

Our GeoBubble™ Range has research and innovation as its core. Every Cover is designed and made locally for Australia’s harsh conditions and they come with our Quality Guaranteed Seal.

  • Extended factory warranty
  • 100% salt safe material
  • UV Stabilized with maximum antioxidants, tougheners and inhibitors
  • Suitable for all type of pools