How to care for your pool cover

In order for you to enjoy the Aussie Pool Cover for a long time we ask that you follow some basic instructions which will help to extend the life expectancy of your Aussie Pool Cover and to guarantee optimum performance and warranty.

Our covers are made from a PE compound however all plastic/polymer materials will deteriorate in sunlight and in pool water. The chlorine and other chemicals in the Swimming pool water as well as the exposure to the  Sun UV rays  causes pool covers materials to deteriorate at a lot faster pace.

Here are the must do facts to protect your investment and to meet your warranty conditions

  • Remove the cover first before you use the pool and enter the water
  • Keep the cover rolled up neat and evenly when using the roller
  • Do not drag and pull the cover over paving or timber decking or other hard surfaces
  • If you do not have a cover roller you should use another person to help with folding up the cover
  • A rolled up or folded up cover MUST ALWAYS be stored out of direct sunlight
  • Keeps the filtration system running during the hottest time of the day, usually between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm.
  • Remove the pool cover when going away. The build up of concentrated chlorine gas between the pool water surface and the cover will damage the cover bubbles at a rapid speed.
  • Occasionally remove the pool cover when or the pool is not being used for a long period of time to release the build up of chlorine gas.
  • Ensure the cover is clean and try if you are going to store away the cover for a long period of time
  • Our pool covers can be easily hosed down and cleaned with a soft brush in order to remove debris and dirt
  • Dirt and debris such as leaves can be easily hosed off by hosing it towards the skimmer box , make sure that the pool pump and filtering system is running
  • Always maintain recommended chlorine levels. Anything higher than 2.5 ppm chlorine level will damage the cover and will void the warranty
  • After super chlorination always keep pool cover off the pool until the chlorine levels have returned to the 1ppm to 2.5ppm range
  • You must protect the pool cover from excessive heat and sun ( above 38 degrees outdoor temperature)
  • Do not leave the cover on the pool when outside air temperatures exceeds 38 Degrees Celsius
  • Don’t let the cover catch on any corners or steps when rolling up or folding up
  • The pool solar cover is not a safety cover, it will not carry the weight of any aged person
  • Do not attempt to walk on the cover
  • Never try to swim underneath the cover
  • Do not sit on the pool cover roller
  • You MUST ALWAYS store the cover out of direct sunlight if not on the water, keep the pool cover stored in the shade.
  • You MUST use a white over cover to protect the cover when it is rolled up on the roller to stop the heat damaging the cover material. If no white over cover is available you must keep the cover stored in shady location.

Please note that failure to follow the above mentioned guide lines for our cover product use will void the pool cover warranty.