Our Suncap® Solar Pool Heating Material is one of the strongest and most durable available.
We have combined our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible pool blankets .

      • Our covers can heat your pool water up to 8C degrees
      • No Dead Heating Zones
      • Is designed to withstand temperatures of 40° C to sub zero temperatures
      • Reduce Evaporation by 98%
      • Is specifically designed for Australia’s harsh climatic conditions
      • Provides pool owners with longer blanket life and greater pool enjoyment each year
      • Is suitable for every in-ground pool or above ground pool of any shape
      • Increased UV inhibitor for extra UV protection
      • The pool covers are 100% Salt Water Safe
      • A tougher cover top and base, and a perfectly formed Air Cell that makes a stronger pool cover lasts longer
      • The covers contain the maximum antioxidants, tougheners and inhibitors and hence a longer warranty
      • Even material distribution across the bubble