Solar Cover Technology

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Our Suncap® Solar Pool Heating Material is one of the strongest and most durable available.
We have combined our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible pool blankets .

      • Our covers can heat your pool water up to 8C degrees
      • No Dead Heating Zones
      • Is designed to withstand temperatures of 40° C to sub zero temperatures
      • Reduce Evaporation by 98%
      • Is specifically designed for Australia’s harsh climatic conditions
      • Provides pool owners with longer blanket life and greater pool enjoyment each year
      • Is suitable for every in-ground pool or above ground pool of any shape
      • Increased UV inhibitor for extra UV protection
      • The pool covers are 100% Salt Water Safe
      • A tougher cover top and base, and a perfectly formed Air Cell that makes a stronger pool cover lasts longer
      • The covers contain the maximum antioxidants, tougheners and inhibitors and hence a longer warranty
      • Even material distribution across the bubble
Each Cover uses the unique bubble technology which delivers the most efficient heating performance and thermal properties.Our pool material is available in a blue colour. Whilst the blankets have been coloured they are semi translucent which means that if you placed your hand on the underside of the material you can see the outline of your hand through the material. Solar radiation is the key to heating a pool naturally. When the sun beats down on the pool a semi translucent cover allows solar radiation to enter the water, thus heating the pool, as though the cover was absent. In other words, the less transparent the cover, the less radiation entering the water. Dark covers need to absorb the solar energy and then transmit it to the water, allowing a lot less direct penetration of solar energy.
Developed to provide you and your family with a warmer pool that you can enjoy for longer periods throughout the year. Our Pool Covers have been designed so you can install it yourself for an affordable solution. Of course, if you do need help with installation, please contact us for assistance.

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