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  • We control Design, Production and Delivery to you
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  • We specialise in Solar Pool Covers and Roller systems
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Swimming pool covers designed for Australian conditions.  Australian Pool owners know the value of swimming pool covers. Solar swimming pool covers have the added benefits of heating your pool to maximise swimming all year round. By using a quality solar blanket it will reduce the amount water evaporation from your pool while the cover is on by up to 98% In addition to this, the solar pool blanket will heat your pool for free! and reduces the loss of heat from the water overnight. By having a pool cover over your swimming pool, you will also save on your chemical consumption, this will reduce the need of running your swimming pool pump so frequently. Aussie Pool Covers is Australia’s leading supplier of delivering pool blankets throughout Australia reliably.

What is it that makes us better than others?  We have invested heavily in researching heat transfer through different types of materials and colours to maximize heat transfer.  Developed to provide you and your family with a warmer pool that you can enjoy for longer periods throughout the year.  You can trust in the name SolaMaxx to deliver you a superior product that will last for years.   16mm-bubble

Our unique design caters for pools in Victoria’s climate helping to maintain a warm swimming environment and also reducing your running cost of your swimming pool.  Sydney, New South Wales has a completely different climate, evaporation of your pool water is reduced drastically by using SolarMaxx pool blankets and in fact, the statistics show a 98% saving in water reduction. Add this together with the reduction of running your pool filter equals a huge saving annually.  Along with the fact that it is also an environmental reduction of energy and  water resources. Perth, Western Australia has one of the harshest summer climates. By using the SolaMaxx range pool cover it will reduce the water evaporation and maintain a warm swimming environment throughout the year.  Brisbane, Queensland has a mild climate that calls for the need of the SolaMaxx pool covers to help reduce the running costs of your pool.  It does this in 3 ways ;  a 98% reduction in water loss, a huge reduction in chemical use  and lastly the pool blanket reduces the amount of leave and debris landing into your pool water, reducing the amount of time you need to run your pool filter. Overall Aussie Pool Covers is an environmental hero that not only helps you to swim longer with a warmer pool but helps to look after the environment at the same time.