Below are some answers to common questions about the products we supply, pool cover ownership in general, and how it can benefit you.
[accordions] [accordion title=’There are many kinds of pool covers. What kind does Solamaxx supply?‘]

A: Our primary products are Solar Blankets and the accompanying Roller Systems to make the application of the blanket easy and manageable every time you use it.
If Solar Blankets are not your ideal pool cover solution, give us a call and we may find the right cover for you.

[/accordion][accordion title=’How Solar Pool Covers work?‘]

A: Solar pool covers increase the warm of pool water, while simultaneously protecting against heat loss and evaporation by insulating the water surface. The cover is lightweight to handle and has thousand of cells called bubbles that float the cover on the water surface. The air cells capture heat from the sun and transfer that solar energy directly to the pool water. The consensus is, the darker the pool cover, the more heat it attracts and the faster that heat will transfer to the water.

[/accordion][accordion title=’Why do I need a Roller System too?‘]

Your Solar Blanket is going to be your pool’s best friend and a Roller System will extend its life immeasurably. Rather than you having to remove and apply the blanket after each use, the roller will do so with ease while keeping the blanket in amazing condition. Without the roller your Solar Blanket will experience significantly more wear and tear than with it.

[/accordion][accordion title=’Can I install the blankets and rollers myself or will I have to hire someone to do it for me?‘]

A: Great question and the answer, quite simply, is both! While our roller systems are designed for Do-It-Yourself installation we understand that not everyone wants to Do-It-Themselves. Therefore, if you live in the greater Perth area, we can be your pool cover installation specialists.

[/accordion][accordion title=’How to Care for your Cover ?‘]

A: By following a few simple rules of pool cover care, you can ensure that your solar pool cover has a longer service life. Please follow our “Important Care Instructions” available from our website page and Download page.

[/accordion][accordion title=’Will my solar blanket shrink?‘]

A:  The covers may shrink but not more then 1cm . 

[/accordion][accordion title=’At which end of the pool should we place the roller?‘]

A: Ideally the best position for the roller is at the widest end  of the pool. This will allow for the cover to roll up nice and even. You do have the option of placing the       roller at the end of the pool which is shorter in width , but requires you to fold the cover inwards. We recommend to keep rollers away from pool entry points and walk ways.

[/accordion][accordion title=’What kind of warranty do we receive?’]

A: Our Solar blankets have a minimum of 3 years pro rata warranty, the length of the warranty period depends on the micron thickness you purchase. Please refer to our warranty page.

[/accordion][accordion title=’Are the covers suitable for Salt Water Pools?‘]

A: Yes, Our Solar blankets are suitable.

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