Can I install the blankets and rollers myself or will I have to hire someone to do it for me?
Great question and the answer, quite simply, is both! While our roller systems are designed for Do-It-Yourself installation we understand that not everyone wants to Do-It-Themselves. Therefore, if you live within an Australian metropolitan area, for a small fee, we can also Do-It-For You. Just select the installation box when completing the Instant Quote or Online Order and we can be your pool cover installation specialists.

What should I expect after placing my order?
In  10-15 business days within Australian metropolitan areas and 5-7 extra business days in regional areas, you will have your pool cover fabricated and delivered to your nominated address.

Included with your pool cover order are comprehensive step by step instructions to assist with your Do-It-Yourself installation. You will only require sharp scissors and a marker or chalk to mark out your cutting line.

Your roller, accessories and White Over Cover, if you ordered these, will also arrive at the same time.

If you chose to have the pool cover system installed by our team, we will be in touch with a convenient date and time and we will do the rest.

When installing the pool cover do the bubbles face down or up?
It is imperative for the technology to work as it was designed that the bubbles always face down on the water.