Are Aussie Pool Cover & Rollers an Australian company?
Yes, our head office and our main fabrication plant is located in Landsdale, Western Australia. Aussie Pool Covers is Australian owned, based and operated.

What about the pool covers, are they fabricated in Australia?
Each pool cover is made in our Australian Factory. The GeoBubble material we use to fabricate our pool covers is the global leader of solar bubble film for swimming pool covers. It is one of strongest and most durable solar pool material in the world.

How long have our Covers been around?
The GeoBubble pool cover material we use to produce our pool covers was invented 20 years ago. Since then our covers have had many imitators who have tried to replicate the unique and innovative technology. The GeoBubble pool cover range is being sold around the world and is regarded as one of the best performing pool covers.

How do you keep your prices competative?
At Aussie Pool Covers you buy direct from the pool cover manufacturer at warehouse direct prices which is the foundation of our business concept.

What if I need to speak to someone?
No problem at all, feel free to email us direct on or phone us on 1300 330 999 and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I measure my pool to be able to get an accurate quote or to order?
To get an instant quote or to order the correct sized pool cover we simply require your pool’s length and width to work out your pools’ total square metres. If your pool is not rectangular then simply form the smallest rectangle possible around your pool, we will use those dimensions to custom make you an appropriately sized cover. We will deliver the cover in a rectangular shape with additional overhang to the dimensions you provided. For the best fit your pool cover will require trimming to the exact shape of your pool.

For more guidance see our detailed diagram and instructions on the How to Measure Your Pool Page.

If you are still not sure if you have measured correctly due to an unusual shape, then feel free to email us 2-3 photos and we will be in contact to confirm your final measurements with you.

For more guidance see our detailed diagram and instructions on the How to Measure Your Pool Page.